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ESB Audio


Italian Tradition, since 1969


Some of the most important fundamentals in the history of high-fidelity have been a hallmark of the ESB Company. For ESB, making great sounding speakers is not enough. ESB goes beyond conventional loudspeaker development by considering other critical factors such as the listening environment and soundstage. For years, we’ve employed UMA (Unit Medium High), DSR (Distributed Spectrum Radiation), and DSR/DSP (Digital Signal Processing). ESB has transferred all the experience and innovation from its 55 years of audio leadership into its ESB Car Audio line of products. Our automotive speakers have the same performance as home loudspeakers, yet are engineered to accurately reproduce music in a vehicle’s challenging acoustic environment. We have developed, over many generations, hearing that is sensitive and refined, allowing us to live up to ESB’s motto: Just Like it's Live.



The Driving Force, since 1974


ZAPCO is dedicated to the pursuit of audio fidelity. Our prime objectives are to design and manufacture audio products of unsurpassed quality. There is absolutely no substitute for experience; that is a simple fact of life. Another simple fact is that ZAPCO has, for over forty-two years, been the leader in defining quality standards for the car audio industry. These years of experience have led to a thorough understanding of the challenges that are unique to the world of car audio. At Zapco, we’ve been doing the same thing we have done for over 50 years, constantly searching out innovative ways to bring better sound to the automotive environment. Why do we do it? Because nothing else can grab your soul and bring tears to your eyes like music. Reproducing music in all its glory, and it’s subtleness, and its detail deserves nothing less than our best efforts.
We do it Because Sound Matters.



Research and Development


In 2015 Apex opened the first lab specifically for the development of Acoustic and Electronic equipment for the Cars. Working 360 degree about the Car needs in the electronics/electroacoustic field, the APEX Engineers work specifically in the 3 sectors: Audio Amplifiers, Analog/Digital Processors, Speakers. The goal of the group is to have the best and most reliable connection of all the electronic systems in the cars without conflicting with the original Car audio and entertainment systems.​

APEX Group carries out research and development in the automotive environment both in electronic and electroacoustic fields. We have more than 10 Master Engineers and we can count on a production system of 11 factories. All the factory activities follow QC procedures under direct control.

Our company is located in three different countries: USA (APEX USA), Italy (APEX EMEA) and China (APEX ASIA).

APEX R&D department cooperates with the best world-wide companies that build electronic products for automotive applications.

APEX Group's goal is to efficiently connect high-end products into the lives of people and their vehicles, making the automotive experience something extremely exciting.

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