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Made in Italy


Skyway is an Italian brand that started the production of telematic GSM/GPS units for Insurance purposes in the 1999. Then after developing its web-server platform, device's firmware and hardware, connecting its 24/7 365 day, Call Center for hundreds of thousands of customers for over 16 years, developed the most reliable platform. Now cooperates with many others hardware brands for professional use in Car Renting, Auto maintenance Services and Fleet Management.



Italian Tradition, since 1969


Born in the 1969, ESB is the most famous Italian brand of the second half of 19th century for the production of loudspeakers. It reached new worldwide heights of home audio technology and also later produced entire lines of innovative Car Audio speakers. With constant research dedicated to the optimization of sound in the automotive environment, ESB started the production of Car Audio speakers in 1986, and, in 2012, the development of speakers dedicated to specific car models.


The Driving Force, since 1974


Zapco is the oldest high-end brand of Car Audio in the world. Zapco company was founded in the 1974 and after 1993 become part of APEX Group. The ZAPCO brand is one of the brands that have the most awards in the Car Audio world-wide competitions. With a long history of high-end analog audio processors, Zapco brought digital processing to the industry in 2004, with the introduction of the first full function Digital processor. In 2016 Zapco presents the most innovative of them.

R & D

Made in Italy


In 2015 Apex opened the first lab specifically for the development of Acoustic and Electronic equipment for the Cars. Working 360 degree about the Car needs in the electronics/electroacoustic field, the APEX Engineers work specifically in the 4 sectors: Audio Amplifiers and Analog/Digital Processors, Speakers, Tracking GSM/GPS systems, Video equipment. The goal of the group is to have the best and most reliable connection of all the electronic systems in the cars without conflicting with the original Car audio and entertainment systems.​

The connectivity is the strategical word of the 2000's. With more sophisticated and powerful portable devices like the smartphone everything starts to be connected much more than before: people and machines, for both professional and private reasons.

This is why the APEX Group opened its lab. It is located in three different countries: USA (California), Italy and China.

Most of Engineers are from USA and Italy, but there are also China Engineers to speak easily with factories.

APEX R&D department cooperates with the best world-wide companies that produce electronics products for the Cars.

The goal of the APEX Group is to connect together high-end products and experiences in the different fields and also

to connect people efficiently with their machines.

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